Your first appointment


On arrival you will be directed to our waiting room where we will ask you to fill in our initial assessment form, this will include your contact details and a brief summary of your presenting condition.


At your appointment time you will be greeted by our Physiotherapist who will then begin discussing with you the history of your injury/discomfort and ask you any relevant medical details they will need to know. If you have recently had any scans or tests please bring the results of these with you so our therapist can assess the findings. 


You will then be directed to our changing facility whereby you will have an opportunity to dress appropriately for your physical assessment. 


You will then be physically assessed in all relevant aspects and our findings will be discussed with you. At this point a treatment plan will be established, including treatment that can be provided, likely outcomes and our intentions for future visits if necessary. 


Once the assessment and initial treatment, if indicated, has been provided we will then arrange appropriate payment and direction for further treatments if required.


Saltash physio