Cornwall veterinary physiotherapy

Veterinary Physiotherapy 


Physiotherapy aims to restore, maintain and improve performance and function within working, pets and leisure animals. For working animals in particular the aim will be to maximise potential and prevent injury. Most commonly therapists will treat horses and dogs however we have been known to treat anything from cows to rabbits! 


As per The Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) we will require veterinary referral or consent prior to treating your animal. As ACPAT physiotherapists we will work closely with your vet to get the best results for you and your animal. 


Your first appointment will include a thorough assessment of your animal, an explanation of our findings and treatment. This may take up to an hour for small animals and one hour 30 mins for large animals. 


Where appropriate we may want to see your animal undertaking their work, or for horses, being ridden.